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Stay Healthy
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What is it

salvusCare is a comprehensive healthcare program for employees and their dependants. It encompasses both in patient and out patient benefits, tailored not only for each and every company, but also for each and every employee. It's more than healthcare treatment, it is healthcare redefined.

salvusCare vs
standard group health & surgical insurance

Backed by a network of reputable healthcare providers and insurers, salvusCare program offers a set of tiered and structured as well as promotive, preventive, rehabilitative and curative healthcare services.


Simply select a preferred healthcare provider from our list of providers and we will administer the rest. Simple, convenient.

Cost Saving

With a comparatively lower insurance premium, you can now focus more on the benefits of your healthcare and remain more productive.

How to enroll

The program is only available to corporations and their employees with a minimum number of 30 people (including dependents). Contact us today, and we will share with you a comprehensive healthcare program.